The alternative fuel hydrogen has been proposed by some as the future of automotive alternative fuels, but there are pros and cons that need to be considered. The hydrogen fuel alternative does not release particulates or greenhouse gases, only a water vapor that is clean and non polluting. Alternative fuel hydrogen is widely available in nature and is a renewable source of energy for vehicles. It is also twice as effective as traditional gasoline, and this is a definite pro. Hydrogen is clean and effective, and may be the answer to the depletion of the fossil fuels in an environmentally friendly way. That does not mean that this fuel is perfect or that there are no disadvantages involved with it. When compared with other alternative energy sources though, hydrogen is one of the leaders for many.

Alternative Fuel Hydrogen
Automotive alternative fuels are becoming more popular, and the alternative fuel hydrogen is one of these options. Some of the cons with the hydrogen fuel alternative are big, and may be impediments to this type of fuel being used on a widespread basis. The fuel cells used for this technology are very expensive. In addition, the fuel cells do not last as long as they should for the high cost, and they are not very durable. There are not many places where you can refuel when using this type of alternative fuel, and there is no infrastructure in place that can transport this substance over long distances. Storage on board the vehicle would require very high pressure, and this may lead to safety problems.

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