• Hydrogen energy offers enormous potential as a domestically produced alternative power source

  • Hydrogen can be one answer to the foreign oil dependence problem, because recent developments have made this source much more effective and cost efficient

  • Hydrogen is clean, renewable, increases the US energy security level, is inexpensive, and can be produced domestically

The development of new technologies concerning hydrogen energy are very important, because this technology may be one of the leading keys to ensure that the energy security of the United States is safe and secure. Hydrogen energy shows terrific promise as a renewable energy source that is affordable, reliable and stable, produced domestically, and very clean. The dependence on foreign oil that America is currently experiencing places the country, and the entire population, at risk. Much of the remaining reserves of oil and other fossil fuels are placed under the Middle East, and to these countries and leaders Americans are often seen as the enemy. As long as the United States relies on foreign oil, national and energy security can not be assured. With the volatile political situations going on in this part of the world, the supply of energy can not be guaranteed. The oil embargo in the 1970s, when the US displeased Iran and had oil supplies cut off completely, showed that the foreign oil dependence of Americans can have a big price. Instead renewable alternative energy sources, such as hydrogen energy, need to be utilized and improved so that all of the energy needed in America can be supplied domestically.

With further research and development of hydrogen energy technologies, this power source could become a clean and very inexpensive source that is stable, both in price and supply. Relying on oil and other fossil fuels means having to deal with erratic price swings, and much higher costs when demand is very high. In addition, these fuels cause damage to the environment, and release greenhouse gases which damage the ozone layer. This will cause the effects of global warming to become more noticeable, and lead to an increase in the melting of the ice shelves and temperature changes around the globe. Some developments concerning hydrogen lately include fuel cells which are cheaper, lighter, and much more efficient. The energy security of the United States is a critical consideration, and as long as the supply involves a majority of foreign countries and leaders this security can not be sufficient. Hydrogen can be an ideal domestic source of power which is renewable, and has no harmful effects or disadvantages when it comes to the environment. That does not mean that the country is ready to make the switch to hydrogen power on a large scale just yet though, because further advancements must be made before hydrogen is commonly used by Americans.

Hydrogen energy has enormous potential, and the benefits of this clean renewable power source make it a good prospect. The energy security of the US is a big factor in deciding which power sources to utilize in the near future. Once the rest of the bugs and issues are worked out for hydrogen energy, and further developments and advances are reached, this alternative energy source could soon become the way to provide energy security and stability for the nation. There would no longer be any need to bow to the demands of unreasonable dictators or fanatic leaders, simply because they hold the oil needed so they can make the terms. Outrageous fuel prices would also be a thing of the past, because there would be no shortage of hydrogen available. Switching to this energy source would mean an initial investment, because changes to the infrastructure and supply systems would be required, but this initial investment is a small price to pay for an end to the dependence on foreign oil, and the beginning of a much stronger level of US energy security and stability, which is better for all Americans.

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