What Is EV1 Electric Car?

Jan 14

This was one of the first all electric vehicles to become available, before the byd electric car and the popularity of electric car conversions. The EV1 electric car was produced by General motors, and they were available for lease from 1996 until 2003. Many celebrities in California signed leases, and these vehicles quickly became popular. The cars included two seats, a sporty look that was appealing, and could travel one hundred and twenty miles on a single charge. Even though GM put a sticker price on the car, it was never sold but only leased. GM determined this was the best option so that control could be maintained by the automaker. By 2003 it was decided that this vehicle was no longer a good idea, and the cars were recalled to be scrapped. The EV1 electric car, just like the byd electric car and other models, had many fans. Offers were made by lessees to purchase the cars outright or to sign new leases, but GM refused. Many of these fans turned to electric car conversions rather than purchase a traditional vehicle because of their belief in electric vehicles. In an ironic twist General Motors stated the cars were taken back and crushed because of a lack of demand, yet more than eight former lease holders tried to purchase their leased vehicles and were turned down. Some blame the death of the EV1 electric car on big oil and the American government, and state that there was actually a high demand for this vehicle.

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