More details on why each of the five greenhouse gases were included in the list.

List Of Greenhouse Gases
1. Water Vapor
You would never think it, but water vapor tops the list of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The earth continuously produces water vapor, which evaporates and then goes up to the atmosphere. Clouds, fog, and haze are all part of water vapor, with steam being the main fossil fuel combustion byproduct. Steam from water comprises up to 70 percent of the total greenhouse effect. Even worse is the vicious cycle of the warming effect currently happening, because higher temperatures actually create more water vapor, which then causes temperatures to rise yet again, and so on. So, instead of focusing just on your carbon footprint, you should also be thinking about your steam footprint!

2. Carbon Dioxide
This greenhouse gas is another one of the major greenhouse gases, but it is the second most prevalent in the atmosphere after water vapor. It is released when power plants process fossil fuels, and also from the breathing of humans and animals, and others. Although carbon dioxide is often considered the worst greenhouse gas, it is not actually true. However, since there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than any other greenhouse gases emitted by humans (only topped by water vapor), it does have the most obvious impact.

3. Methane
Methane is the next on our top 5 list of greenhouse gases. This gas is probably the most damaging of all. When it comes to global warming, methane is 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Methane is often trapped inside the earth and it is released by mining. It can also be released by animals such as cows because of flatulence. Other sources of methane also exist.

4. Nitrous Oxide
Another one of the major greenhouse gases is nitrous oxide. It is not usually used in combustion processes of fossil fuels or fossil fuel power plants. Instead, you can find nitrous oxide in medical locations or dental offices, and it is commonly referred to as “laughing gas”. However, it is not so funny when you realize how damaging this gas is to the earth and the environment.

5. Ozone
This greenhouse gas comes with a double threat. Firstly, ozone stays near the ground, which results in air pollution, smog, and lung problems for the inhabitants. Then it evaporates into a greenhouse gas, and traps heat near the earth, which contributes to global warming.

Although we presented you with a top 5 list of greenhouse gases, there is a new damaging greenhouse gas that has been discovered called Sulfuryl Fluoride. It was first used as a fumigant to kill termites. This chemical can last for up to 40 years and traps significant amounts more heat than CO2.

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7 Responses to “Top 5 List of Greenhouse Gases – Updated Article With Extra Information on the Major Greenhouse Gases.”

  1. 1
    mike Says:

    Methane stays in the atmosphere for about 8 years, whilst CO2 remaines there and accumulates for over a century. This is why CO2 is the most dangerous greenhouse gas, and why so much focus is put on it.

  2. 2
    jake Says:

    Yes – something like 80% of methane comes from agriculture. In the last fifty years, meat consumption around the world has gone up by more than 5 times. Vegetarian groups are arguing that one of the biggest reasons of going veggie now is to reduce the amount of methane released into the atmosphere. They have a good point!

  3. 3
    jason Says:

    Coal mining and decomposition in landfills are big producers of methane, but the biggest one of all is in the agriculture industry, or in the ‘digestive processes of livestock,’ as it is nicely put in scientific reviews.

  4. 4
    jon Says:

    What are the main sources of methane? I heard that cows farting is a big one. Is this true?!

  5. 5
    jason Says:

    Methane is the biog nasty, and I dont understand why so much focus is put on carbon dioxide and so little on methane. Stats have it that CO2 has gone up by about 30% since the industrial revolution, whilst methane has increased by more than 50%.

  6. 6
    Detox cleanse Says:

    Winsome thoughts here. Are you currently convinced this is the proper way to appear at it even though? My personal individual expertise is always that we ought to pretty much dwell and allow dwell since what a single particular person thinks just — another individual basically will not. Human beings are going to complete what they want to complete. Within the end, they usually do. Essentially the most we can hope for is usually to set up a couple of factors right here and there that hopefully, permits them to make just a little greater informed determination. Otherwise, great post. You’re absolutely generating me think

  7. 7
    jaiden Says:

    i would like to know how a greenhouse works

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