How much of the tropical rainforest biome have we already destroyed? What other beneficial rainforest discoveries have been made that could be the answers to some of mankind’s major issues? Are we too late to stop the destruction?

Tropical Rainforest Biome
27 to 60 million acres of tropical rainforest biome are annually destroyed around the world. About 25 percent of the Amazon Rainforest has already been cut down. It is mostly done for getting resources like ore and timber, but this biome can never be brought back. The tropical rainforest biome animals comprise about two thirds of the planet’s wildlife. There are various species of tropical rainforest biome animals that are still unknown and have never been discovered. The rainforest also contains a variety of plants that may hold cures for many diseases plaguing humanity, like cancer and AIDS. Many of these plants have not been discovered yet, and new ones are being found by researchers all the time. There are also many native tribes in the rainforest, which have not had any contact with the outside world and still live the way they lived centuries ago.

Tropical rainforest biome provides copious amounts of oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere, and it removes massive amounts of carbon from it. All this is done through natural processes. If the tropical rainforest biome were to disappear, the planet would suffer from a lack of oxygen, especially because of the vast amounts of carbon emissions we are constantly surrounded by. We have gotten many gifts from the rainforest in the past, such as chocolate, medicine, rubber, and various others. Losing tropical rainforest biome is one of the biggest disasters that is happening to the world, and if it continues, there could be dire consequences for the whole planet.

A lot of the deforestation is done to gain rare and unique types of wood for sales of exclusive furniture. However, no kitchen cabinets are worth the destroying as much as one acre of the tropical rainforest biome. Ore is another reason for the deforestation, and miners try to get it from under the rainforest ground. The third reason for the tropical rainforest biome loss is farming. As the population grows, more and more land is required for agricultural purposes. Settlements located close to the rainforest will sometimes start using rainforest land for farming.

Tropical rainforest biome is very important for another reason. The way that rainforests normally work is they rely on trees to return moisture into the air. The rainforest takes in the rain it receives and gives it back to the atmosphere. This is kind of like a recycling process called evapotranspiration. However, with the deforestation underway as it currently is, it could become impossible for the rainforest to continue this process and sustain itself – it may be unable to thrive and regenerate fast enough in order to keep the balance of its unique ecosystem. All this could happen within a decade.

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19 Responses to “Losing the tropical forest biome: self-inflicted doom for man; updated article”

  1. 1
    jon Says:

    Rain forests cover a little over 2% of the earth’s surface, however they contain more than half of the planet’s plants and animals. This is due to the fact that they get huge amounts of sun and rain, and because the canopy is structures in such a way that there are many varied niches for plants and animals to fill.

  2. 2
    jim Says:

    Actually Mexico is not that poor either, but yes, it is a country with endemic corruption. However, there are many institutions in Mexico who are working to enlarge national parks and to protect as much rainforest as possible. So its not all doom and gloom. Eco-tourism helps as it provides an economic reason to maintain the forest in its pristine condition.

  3. 3
    jake Says:

    With the exception of Brazil, all of these countries are very poor, and that is the problem. In poor countries the rule of law is week. Corruption is king and the people at the top typically care more about the size of their wallet than the size of the rainforest.

  4. 4
    jason Says:

    The top ten countries in terms of rainforest cover:

    2.Congo (Democratic Republic)
    8.Papua New Guinea

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    Quintin Amburgy Says:

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  15. 15
    nature lover Says:

    The rain forest is a wonderful natural place so humans should stop tearing it down tree by tree!

  16. 16
    brenna Says:

    I am doing a project i have only just noticed what we are doing to this plant and i was hoping i could ask someone some questions and i really need them to be answered please reply!

  17. 17
    Losing the rainforest Says:

    If we don’t stop cutting down the trees we will all die soon because there will be no more oxygen in our planet and all of us will die….

  18. 18
    thelog Says:

    what will happen if the rain forest are completly gone? will climates change around the world?

  19. 19
    treehugginmama Says:

    Where is the balance between using natural products and using manmade products? Taking down the rainforest is bad for the world yet the toxins released into the air from manufacturing plants is too.

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