Many of us may wonder if anything we do on an individual basis can actually make a difference in the bigger picture.  Reduction of pollution is a major topic and believe it or not, there are many easy ways to help reduce air pollution.
Alternative fuel vehicles can be one of the best ways of reducing pollution, because these vehicles let off less pollution and greenhouse gases.  The selection of hybrid vehicles is on the rise and almost every dealership has a selection to match what you and/or your family might need.
Another terrific idea is to walk or ride a bike as much as possible, and as far as possible, saving vehicle travel for when it is needed only. This is not only one of the easier ways to help reduce air pollution, but also to get fit and healthy at the same time. Not everyone can walk or ride their bike to work, but many of the local counties are investing in bike paths for both health and the appreciation of nature.
Conserving energy to minimize pollution whenever possible while at home does reduce air pollution in the long run. Turn off lights in rooms not being used, turn off televisions, and unplug unused appliances. Set the computer to energy saver mode, and keep the thermostat around sixty eight degrees in winter and seventy two in summer. This may seem like just a few degrees, but the pollution and energy savings will really add up.

Some easy ways to help reduce air pollution also includes reducing waste and eliminating burn barrels. Buying disposable cups and plates leads to increased garbage production, and more air pollution to create these goods. In addition there is more air pollution from transporting this extra garbage to the landfill or incinerator. Whenever possible avoid disposable products. Burn barrels are another big culprit when it comes to air pollution. Many people throw all types of garbage in burn barrels, not just wood and paper products. Plastics, chemicals, and other products can release dangerous and even toxic fumes, polluting the air and contaminating the earth.
Use of environmentally friendly products is a direction that many have undertaken. This includes any product that may add potential toxins into the air through their use. Manufacturers are making major changes in production processes as well as undertaking an entire ‘green attitude’ for manufacturing plants as well as vehicle fleets. So by using environmentally friendly products from ‘green companies’ you are reducing air pollution in a multi-faceted way.
The responsible care of your home and office heating and cooling systems may sound like common sense, but an annual check-up gives you the opportunity to keep everything running at optimal capacity.  Poorly operating systems can produce waste as well as air pollution and will eventually cost more in repair.
Ensuring that all filtration used in your home or business are clean and in good repair. Air filtration that is clogged or dirty will inhibit the efficiency and can actually add toxic particles into the air.

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