Dr. Gary Strobel and his fellow researchers at Montana State University are conducting further research studies on this fungus, to determine ways to produce biofuel from the fungus and to increase the diesel molecules that are created by the fungus. With the growing need for clean fuel and energy around the world, finding a biofuel source like this fungus is incredible. This one fungus discovery may provide the answer to all of the fuel needed, produced, and used in vehicles in the future. This one research breakthrough has enormous consequences concerning the best alternative fuel source. If Gliocladium roseum can be produced cost effectively, it is likely to be the biofuel source most commonly used. This fungus can even digest cellulose and produce the biodiesel molecules, making it a very effective alternative energy source that may have far reaching implications and benefits.

Biofuel Fungus
Scientific research into efficient and cost effective biofuels have gone on for years, and have made many advancements but have not solved the energy and fuel problem. There was hope when Tel Aviv University scientists discovered a fungus that is very resistant to extreme temperatures and conditions. Professor Amir Sharon of the Plant Sciences at Tel Aviv University, together with Dr. Sima Barhoom, developed a fungus which had transgenic properties. This fungus could make the ethanol production process from corn much more efficient and cost efective. Using corn to make biofuel has been criticized by many countries though, because it uses food crops.
Dr. Gary Strobel
A scientific research breakthrough concerning biodiesel from trees as a biofuel source may be the answer the world has been waiting for. Dr. Gary Strobel, a researcher at Montana State University, discovered a new fungus that grows on specific trees in the Patagonia rain forest. This fungus is unique, and the only one found to have such a big effect on biofuel. It is called Gliocladium roseum, and the fungus only grows on the the Ulmo tree, and it only develops under certain very low oxygen conditions. This fungus makes different molecules that consist of carbon and hydrogen, almost identical to the molecules found in traditional diesel fuel. When grown in the lab this fungus is even more identical to diesel. This breakthrough for fungus biodiesel has made some of the researchers at Montana State University, and at other colleges and research institutes, think twice about the possible origin of fossil fuels under the ground. If large amounts of this fungi have been present in the past, it is possible that this contributed to the fossil fuel reserves.
Biodiesel From Trees
This has enormous possibilities for the planet. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source that does not pollute or emit harmful greenhouse gases like traditional fossil fuels do. With global warming accelerating and the ice shelves melting, the time must be now to stop the damage that fossil fuels do to the planet. Otherwise we will have reached the point of no return, and the damage will be irreversible. Fungus biodiesel is an important biofuel source that can very well solve the energy needs for the future in a way that does not harm the environment, or cause fuel costs to skyrocket. The discovery of the Gliocladium roseum fungus, which provides biodiesel from trees, is the biggest biofuel scientific breakthrough that has ever occurred. Fungus biofuel can end the dependence on foreign oil, and the hostile nations who control these resources, and instead provide a fuel source right here domestically, with no threats due to political instability or a fuel embargo.
Montana State University

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    Darshan Says:

    Great work Dr. Gary Strobel and team… Your discovery has given me a new idea and new route for me to explore in…

  9. 9
    Violet Says:

    Fungus…trees…what else are researchers going to come up with next? Yes we need a new fuel source but at what price to our ecology?

  10. 10
    Carter Says:

    So let’s headquarter our growing need for fuel production smack in the center of an already depleted natural resource – the rainforests. Yes, that sounds wise…

    Interesting that this fungus has caused a rethinking of petroleum origins…anything else we might have gotten wrong over the years?

  11. 11
    perkins Says:


    in this case the only thing that will change is that we will depend not on oil but desert-rich countries ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. 12
    barry Says:

    well, who knows maybe someday they will find a way to grow this fungus in desert areas – this could have been a double benefit and a great step forward

  13. 13
    Jane Says:

    One question – Are there a lot of places in US where we can grow this Ulmo tree from Patagonia rain forest? This is an interesting news but I think nothing more than that

  14. 14
    banner Says:

    Gosh! Are you people mad? How this fungus can replace oil and gas? It will take hundreds of years to get to that point, no question about it.


  15. 15
    ryan Says:


    i heard there is jathropa tree is also a good biofuel source…and something else probably too…so we have plenty of “growing” biofuel sources

  16. 16
    john Says:

    fungus you say…interesting how much this fungus we need to satisfy our appetite for gasoline ๐Ÿ™‚


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