To some, this plastic island as it has been called poses a huge environmental threat to the entire planet. But that does not mean the garbage patch does not have possibilities. Waste to energy programs could use the great pacific garbage patch as a potential source of energy. The millions of tons of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean could be turned into millions of hours of heat and electricity for your home. Waste to energy power plants can take municipal solid waste, including plastics, and convert them into energy that can be used instead. This is a win situation. The garbage would be removed and eliminated from the ocean, the birds and marine life in the area would not be affected by toxins and other environmental hazards, and energy would be created using methods that do not contribute to global warming or pollution.
Waste to energy can turn this plastic island into an enormous opportunity for green energy. The plastic that makes up a large part of the garbage in these two main patches can be used to fuel the waste to energy process, as well as provide heat and electricity that can be used in homes. With the energy shortages that are occurring and the high cost of using fossil fuels to the environment, something must be done. Using the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to power a waste to energy plant can take an environmental threat and an eyesore and turn these items into power that is greatly needed. This garbage patch is an enormous alternative energy source if it is used, and the waste to energy process may offer a reprieve to the shameful pollution we have created.

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