A waste to energy plant provides many benefits to the local community. Municipal solid waste requires municipal waste management methods and processes. Throwing waste into traditional landfills does not work, and is not a viable option. Municipal waste management can become a renewable energy source that is green and provides benefits to the community. Municipal solid waste will be created, regardless of whether this waste is used in waste to energy programs or not. The garbage barge that sailed with no place to go is proof that traditional municipal waste management programs do not work. Waste to energy plants can eliminate municipal solid waste in an effective way, while generating much needed power at the same time. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is another example of all the municipal solid waste that is discarded instead of used to provide clean energy. Energy from municipal waste takes care of two problems, garbage and energy needs, at the same time. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to manage municipal solid waste. The environmental benefits of waste to energy plants have been shown, because all greenhouse gas emissions are captured and not released into the air. There is no pollutants released or carbon emissions to speed up global warming, and waste to energy plants can be very cost efficient. Municipal solid waste pays not only in collection fees but also in the production of byproducts which can be sold for a profit.

Energy from municipal waste is possible using a waste to energy plant. These power plants practice municipal waste management, and use various methods to turn municipal solid waste into renewable green energy. This can be done by different methods, including incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, and anaerobic digestion. Waste to energy plants take waste, which Americans create in enormous amounts, and create a renewable energy source that is not harmful to the environment. Municipal waste management has become even more important because many of the landfills in America are becoming full, and a number of them have already closed. Traditional landfilling methods involve dumping municipal solid waste into pits in the landfill, and then burying the waste. This is not effective municipal waste management, because the decomposing waste emits greenhouse gases and biogas, mainly in the form of methane gas. It can take years or even decades for this waste to decompose completely.

Some municipal waste to energy plants take out any recyclable materials, and then send the municipal solid waste through an incinerator, which creates heat that makes steam and turns the steam turbine. This process produces energy from municipal waste in the form of electricity. Biogas can be created and used for the generation of energy using a few different methods. Anaerobic digestion waste to energy facilities use chambers that are oxygen deprived, to speed up the process of decomposition and create a high amount of biogas, which is captured and can be cleaned and sold as a profitable byproduct. Pyrolysis uses heat from a source that is supplied externally to speed up decomposition of the organic matter, and to speed up the production of biogas, which is collected. Gasification is another municipal waste management method used in some waste to energy plants. This waste to energy process converts biomass into synthesis gas. This gas can be used to create electricity, heat, or it may be processed further for other byproducts which can be sold for a profit. Gasification is thermally self sustaining, so no external heat source is needed. If gasification and pyrolysis occur simultaneously, the heat produced during gasification can fuel the external heat needed for pyrolysis.

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