When it comes to renewable energy sources in the US, Texas leads with wind power. In this state wind energy and wind turbines are commonplace, and more than half a million homes are powered with green energy from this source every day. There are a number of these farms and projects, both new and those already established. One of the reasons that texas leads with wind power is that this state has increased their wind energy capacity more than any other state, but that is only one reason. Another is that the state produces more power from wind turbines than any other state in the country. The second largest producer in the country only generates one third of what Texas does with this equipment. One reason that Texas leads with wind power is that the state is ideal for this renewable source of energy. The land is flat and open, with no mountains or extremely hilly terrain to block the winds from reaching the turbines. Much of the state is sparsely populated, making wind farms and ideal project in desolate areas which receive a lot of wind. Using clean alternative energy sources becomes more important every day, and Texas is leading the way in the move to change how we generate power. Some of the projects in the state are so successful that school funding and other community financial help is being examined. Wind energy does not cause any pollution or environmental damage, and it can be a sustainable source for the power needed.

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