Government grants are allocated to not-for-profit organizations or entities. Grants are not loans, but, instead are monies that are freely given, without the requirement of paying back. If you are interested in researching government alternative energy grants, you will need to be set up as a not-for-profit. This is not as easy as it sounds, because there is a list of criteria that you need to accomplish before the government and the Internal Revenue Service approves of that label. Assuming that you have accomplished that hurtle you might want to find the true government alternative energy grants.

More and more local, state and Federal grant monies have been allocated for alternative energy and they are even being supported by the President. In 2010, President Obama increased the clean energy funding with a goal of research, development and final reduction of unnecessary energy use. The purpose is to have more dollars available for the development of alternative energy resources. You will need to do a bit of homework on this, but the good news is, the incentives cover a wide span of projects and company types; from farming to fuel use. The funds that are involved in these government grants are becoming more important as the realization reaches a priority that we must search, find and use alternatives to fossil fuels. The first thing that you must understand is that just because you might qualify for a government grant, does not mean that you will receive it. Writing a grant request is a fine art, and every non-profit organization that is out there knows this. The government has established criteria that is often quite a maze to circumnavigate. There are professional grant writers that you might want to think about hiring. These are individuals that understand the routine and requirements that the government is looking for in a grant request submission. This should be an important consideration, as even various branches of state and local governments hire these individuals to write grant requests for other branches of the government.

There are a variety of topics that are available for you to work that are of specific interest to the government and our society. These may include energy renewable resources, electricity and fuel conversion of these renewable energy resources for use in commercial and residential homes and companies. The research and development of vehicle renewable fuels as well as renewable fuels that can be added back into the energy grid.

You might also want to look into organizations that are already in existence for research and development in alternative energy. Organizations like National Bioenergy Center (NREL) have already accomplished a successful list of government grants and have partnered with various companies in the private sector. Partnering with a company that has jumped through the hoops of stipulations will not only help you cut to the chase of grant access, but may also allow you to leverage and pool their existing scientific and engineering resources for quicker results.

The bottom line is, the government understands that our society must relinquish our dependency upon fossil fuels and has enhanced the various government grant avenues to encourage organizations to pursue these lines of research. While navigating through the requirements might not be an easy task, it is possible to get a government grant

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