Global warming could cause sea levels to rise if the polar ice caps melt. This may also lead to a temperature increase in the oceans and seas. This would have a massive effect on marine life and in turn the land animals that depend on it to survive. Many fish species may migrate or even die off because of warmer water temperatures, leading to a lost food source for many animals and even humans. Precipitation patterns would change, causing many lush areas to become dry, while some areas that are usually dry would become moist and fertile. The positive to this is that unusable land may become usable, so there is more land for farming, planting and growing, and living.

Pros of Global Warming
The topic of global warming has been in the news around the world. What has caused global warming? Is the situation really as bad as it’s being reported? Are there any benefits to global warming?

The effects of global warming can be both positive and negative.

Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that trap radiation from the sun and keep it from being released back into space. This is causing the temperatures in many places on Earth to rise by a few degrees. This may not seem like much, but in colder regions like Alaska, Canada, the North Pole, Nova Scotia, and others, this slight temperature difference has a big effect. Scientists speculate that if the current warming trend continues, the polar ice caps will melt and many other environmental changes will occur that can be both good and bad for all life on Earth.

A global temperature increase means less energy used to heat homes and buildings during winter months, but it also means warmer temperatures for bacteria, viruses, and other organisms to thrive, leading to a possible increase in various diseases and medical conditions.Deaths and illnesses caused by cold weather will decrease, but deaths caused by hot temperatures will increase, so there may not be any more or less fatalities. In cold weather, shoveling snow and other activities can increase the risks of heart attacks and other medical problems that can cause death or injury, like frostbite or hypothermia. In warmer climates, health dangers such as heat strokes and dehydration are more prevalent.

Global warming could cause weather patterns and conditions to change, creating storms in new places and allowing super storms and hurricanes to appear. These storms could be deadly and may be much stronger because of global warming. On the positive side, plants, trees, and other living elements on Earth will flourish, just like they have throughout history when the Earth has warmed up after an ice age. More trees and plant life means more oxygen released into the atmosphere and more carbon dioxide being absorbed since plants require carbon dioxide to perform photosynthesis.

Global warming could have some positive financial benefits. Many northern areas might save millions of dollars each year on snow and ice removal from the roads, not to mention the repairs made on roads every year due to freezing and thawing, which creates potholes and large cracks in pavement and asphalt.
Global warming has both negative and positive aspects, but this does not mean that steps should not be taken to conserve energy and use renewable energy sources such as biomass energy. These two methods can help prevent the negative impact that global warming has on the Earth by minimizing and eliminating fossil fuel pollution that contribute to global warming, thus helping make the Earth a better place for all.

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