• Municipal waste to energy facilities address more than one environmental problem

  • With these power generation facilities there is no need for foreign oil or fossil fuels

  • Municipal waste to energy plants offer many benefits to people and the environment

1. Fossil Fuel Dependence Is Reduced

Municipal Waste To Energy
The municipal waste to energy process does not rely on fossil fuel, and this means that the dependence on foreign oil is reduced. Oil prices fluctuate, and many of the remaining reserves are under countries in the Middle East which do not feel friendly towards westerners. Continuing the dependence on foreign oil means being under the thumb of foreign rulers and dictators.

2. Energy Is Produced Domestically

Domestically produced energy is a big step forward, and municipal waste to energy takes this step. There is plenty of household trash in the landfills and homes in America, enough so that materials for the process would never have to be transported very far or run out. This garbage is created every day, and landfills are overflowing with this alternative energy source.

3. Stability In Availability And Pricing

Using trash to generate electricity can help bring stability to both the price of the electricity and the availability. With this process there are no wide fluctuations or availability shortages. These facilities can operate twenty four hours a day every single day of the year, providing more than enough electricity to meet the local community needs.

4. The Local Community And Economy Benefit From These Facilities

Municipal waste to energy facilities are locally situated, and this offers many advantages to the community. Jobs are created, taxes are paid, supplies are purchased at local businesses and stores, and energy is provided for a reasonable cost that does not pollute or harm the environment. These facilities will be located to provide for the local area instead of being situated far away.

5. More Space In Landfills Is Available

By using municipal waste to energy facilities space is preserved in the landfills. Trash that is incinerated would otherwise take up space in the landfill, and contribute to the environmental pollution. A number of landfills around the world have closed because they have reached full capacity, and the world is running out of places to dump the trash being created.

6. There Is An Unlimited Supply Of Municipal Waste

Municipal waste to energy methods are very popular because of the unlimited fuel sources. With all the garbage generated around the world every single day, plus all the refuse in the many landfills, there is enough trash to create all the electricity needed. The oceans are also littered with this waste, and this adds another source of energy.

7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Significantly Reduced

Greenhouse gas emissions play a big role in global warming, and this alternative energy generation method does not release a fraction of these emissions that fossil fuel power plants do. This means fewer gas emissions to damage the ozone layer, and speed up the effects of global warming.

8. This Energy Generation Is Environmentally Friendly

Using waste to generate energy is a process that does not harm the environment or the earth. There are no dangerous chemicals or toxins used to poison wildlife and contaminate the land and water in the area, and pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are far less than using coal or other resources.

9. Municipal Waste To Energy Promotes Recycling

This form of alternative energy generation promotes recycling, and that means less waste because of items being sorted and recycled. It has been proven that for each item recycled there is around twenty percent more energy conserved than what is needed to manufacture the item. Recycling minimizes the need for natural resources and the environmental damage done.

10. Municipal Waste To Energy Plants are Strictly Monitored

These power plants must go through very strict emissions testing, and every aspect of the process is monitored closely. In fact, these facilities must meet stricter operating standards than any other type of power plant, and if these are not met the plant is immediately shut down.

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