Hydrogen fuel cells offer convenience, because the power is generated where it is needed. The hydrogen fuel cell technology means that fuel cells can be utilized where needed, so there are no transportation costs or expensive wiring requirements. This means that at some point in the future, each appliance in your home may be run by hydrogen fuel cell technology. This would eliminate the need for large power plants that are centralized. This would mean no power outages or brownouts, even in the largest cities, and each home would have a power supply that is self contained. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may become much more abundant, especially as fuel cell technology advances even further and becomes more efficient. The future of transportation and energy supply may be on the brink of changing completely, and this will eliminate both our dependence on foreign oil and the level of pollution we cause. Hydrogen fuel cell technology has great potential, and advancements in this technology may make it one of the more commonly used energy sources in years and decades to come.

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