One reason the biodiesel production has become such a high priority is that many middle eastern countries control the flow of oil all around the world, and this can put the United States at a disadvantage when it comes to the supply of fossil fuels. Biodiesel is grown and produced locally, right here on US lands, so there is no need to depend on a foreign country or hostile government simply to get the energy we need in the form of oil. The Iran Oil Embargo of the seventies has shown that not all oil producing countries are led by reasonable men. Instead of depending on foreign countries, American farmers can grow the feedstock needed, without cutting into any food crops grown. Some feedstocks for this biofuel can be grown on land that is not suitable for food crops, so there is no need to worry that the large scale biodiesel production will take from the food chain or cause hunger anywhere in the world. It is not possible to continue the way we have in the past without making some drastic changes, to save both the earth and the environment. Switching to biodiesel can be the change needed for a better world and a promising energy future.

Without a viable energy plan for the future which does not include the use of oil and other fossil fuels, an energy crisis may occur once most of the fossil fuel reserves are gone. This could lead to a drastic increase of the price and a large drop in the supply, leaving many in the world without the energy needed. Biodiesel and other fuels can prevent this from happening, by allowing us to make the change now that leads to a brighter future for everyone. The energy industry knows that the current system can not work much longer, and by switching to biodiesel production now these companies are poised to profit when the entire country makes the switch to using biodiesel in the near future.

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