Waste vegetable oil fuel conversion can turn diesel vehicles to waste vegetable oil systems which can run on waste vegetable oil fuel. These cars have been around for a while, first as a novelty and then in bigger demand, but it is not possible to buy a vehicle that uses WVO. There are a number of companies who can convert the vehicle, and there are many do it yourself waste vegetable oil fuel conversion kits available as well, but how is this done? A diesel vehicle is required, a gas engine can not be converted. Many older diesels work great for this purpose, but the new vehicles may have computerized components which cause problems. For waste vegetable oil systems a new fuel tank must be installed in addition to the original tank, so that there are two tanks. An additional fuel line must also be run, and an injector must be installed to inject the WVO.

Waste Vegetable Oil Fuel Conversion
Waste vegetable oil fuel conversion is not difficult, and most people do not need to pay a professional mechanic for this step if they are willing to get a little dirty. Waste vegetable oil fuel can be obtained for free most of the time, because restaurants throw it away. This WVO must be filtered extensively though, to remove all particles of food from the oil. The two tanks and fuel lines hold different fuels, with one holding the filtered waste vegetable oil fuel and the other holding either traditional or biodiesel. When the vehicles is started the diesel is being used, but once it has warmed up the engine switches over to the WVO fuel tank and line. The only other time the vehicle will use the diesel fuel is when the vehicle is shut off, to flush out the WVO from the engine.

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