Do the benefits of global warming outweigh the problems? Not really. New studies are showing that the art-of-denial for the global warming problem may indeed cause devastation for all life on earth.

Advantages of Global Warming
Over the past 20 years global warming has been a hot topic and it is becoming an increasingly controversial issue. The negative effects of global warming are all very real, and the need for renewable energy to replace fossil fuels is increasing exponentially. However, not all of the effects on the climate would be so terrible. In fact, there may actually be some benefits of global warming.

The term “global warming” to begin with is a bit misleading, because it implies that the entire globe is heating up. This is not so. Only some areas of the world are experiencing increasing temperatures, while others will not experience any changes for many years, perhaps even centuries. Moreover, areas that normally experience extremely cold temperatures could actually see some positive effects of global warming. The number of deaths caused by frigid temperatures would drop substantially, which would result in reduced health care costs. Higher temperatures in those areas would also mean that less energy would be necessary for heating homes.

Amongst the supposed other benefits of global warming are safer winters. Since there would be less ice and snow on the roads, it would lead to less winter related accidents during the colder months. Once again, this will save the health care system a lot of money.

Other possible positive effects of global warming include advantages for farming. With colder areas warming up, it will be possible to use that land for living and agriculture. Thus, more crops will be able to grow in colder areas and the seasons for growing them would become longer. So, one of the benefits of global warming is that it could help increase the global food supply by cultivating previously unused land.

Having said all that, by no means is global warming a good thing in general. We should not try to find excuses to not conserve energy. The opposite is actually true. Energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources is what will stop the negative effects of global warming. Our world will keep on experiencing this phenomenon in the future, even after we decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Energy conservation and the replacement of fossil fuels are key steps to ensure that our planet continues to be livable for our children and grandchildren. Whilst there may be some benefits of global warming, as we have discussed, they will be nothing compared to the multitude of problems the world would experience if it keeps on heating up at the rate that it is.

The issue of global warming is a serious one, and as the Earth’s inhabitants it is our responsibility to eliminate its negative effects, so that we continue on living as we are. The use of alternative energy like solar, wind, and biomass energy, as well as various others will minimize the downside of global warming as much as possible. Conservation of energy also allows us to make the most of the energy that we now possess without needing more, until the complete elimination of fossil fuel use.

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8 Responses to “Are there really any benefits to global warming? Additional info”

  1. 1
    jason Says:

    Talk of species extension due to global warming is cheap – some species will suffer, whilst others will thrive. This will be a normal and ‘natural’ occurance.

  2. 2
    jon Says:

    Some parts of the earth will become much wetter due to global warming, whilst other parts will become much drier. It follows that the changing weather patterns that accompany global warming are a big threat

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Disease is likely to spread as the globe warms up. Mosquitoes and other such insects are already gradually moving north, and bringing with them disease such as malaria.

  4. 4
    mike Says:

    Talk of the benefits of global warming are dangerous and should be kept away from people who are looking for any excuse to follow the corporate foxnews line that it is all a myth and the more we drive out 5 litre cars the better it is as we are helping the economy.

    At the end of the day, as the article (thankfully) does point out, there may be some isolated local benefits, but the impace on the world as a whole will be devastating…no matter what rubbish foxnews tries to propogate

  5. 5
    manish dhiraj mandal Says:

    natural menrals used and population is incrise day by day so i think globle warming is most important

  6. 6
    gaurav Says:

    is there any serious steps going to implement by world regarding global warming ,or just there will be the websites which shows the solution .please reply.

  7. 7
    funkybass Says:

    “For every downside to global warming there is usually an upside as well. In areas that see extreme cold temperatures, deaths related to colder weather would drop significantly, leading to decreased health care costs.”

    Fewer deaths do not decrease health care costs. By definition they INCREASE them.

  8. 8
    venusflytrap Says:

    This article brings up a lot of good points about how global warming could be beneficial. But we have to be careful about allowing it to progress too fast if we hope to benefit from it.

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