Sun Catalytix is researching into applying the sun’s energy to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gas, which can then be stored and used as fuel. With this technology, just 4 gallons of water recombined would have enough energy to meet the daily energy requirements of a large US home.

Crazy Solar Energy Projects
Alternative energy projects around the globe are not only dealing with all the technological, feasibility and economic factors, but also with the negative pressures from the all-powerful oil companies who are in no rush at all to see sustainable energy sources succeed. The bad news is that the oil companies really do have a stranglehold on the industry in many countries, but the better news is that in certain parts of the world the green movement has sufficient momentum for alternative energy projects to be an important part of national policy. Germany and Spain, for instance, are the two big powerhouses when it comes to solar energy projects. Solar photovoltaics have dropped dramatically in price over the last few years, and have government subsidies in these countries have made them even more affordable. The advancement in energy storage research has led to molten salt technology, which makes it possible to store the sun’s energy for use at night. The power of the sun really could replace coal, oil and gas in the next couple of generations, and here are five of the current most prospective sun energy projects which the oil companies truly want to fail!

1 – When sun meets water

2 – Liquid fuel from the sun
Joule Unlimited is continuing to develop its “Liquid Fuel from the Sun,” a title which it has trademarked. It has just acquired 1100 acres of land in New Mexico where it will construct a pilot facility which will produce renewable ethanol fuels from the power of the sun!

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