The ratio at which the supplies of big oil companies are being renewed is slipping rapidly. The standard for this ratio is 100 percent or more, but most of the big six oil companies in the United States are projected to plunder well below that over the next 5 years. This is not even close to being enough to satisfy the demand the world will have (which is constantly increasing, by the way). If this projection is correct and if demand does, in fact, substantially outgrow the supply, by the end of this decade oil prices could increase to nearly $200 a barrel, which would translate to $6 a gallon for gasoline!

Why the Big Oil Companies Are Secretly Panicking
Big oil companies are certainly not winners of popularity contests among the general public, but many are still worried about their success. In the end, their success equals gas for your car, which you really do need. However, it is getting more and more difficult for them to be successful in the current global circumstances because of tougher competition, big technical challenges, and hostile foreign governments. Here are 3 reasons why big oil companies may be in trouble, even though now they are rolling in the cash:

1) Hard to keep up with demand.
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