Once per year, people from around the globe and world leaders gather to discuss the topic of the environment. This year, the Rio + 20 summit in Brazil brought together some of the most and least likely people, all under the banner rally of addressing environmental issues.

The summit encompasses agendas from a variety of areas and incorporates many that you might not associate with the topic of global environment. The purpose is to talk about the methods of improvement without allowing our world to suffer through pollution and environmental devastation. This involves those that have a stake in the future such as children’s organizations, farming and worker communities, the business sectors, energy companies and, of course, conservationists and environmentalists.

Global population is exploding at unprecedented numbers, and human beings are affecting the world in the very lives that we live. The Rio + 20 summit is bringing together many of the people that can make a difference, but just getting everyone to agree on an agenda and move forward, may actually cause more problems than result in solutions.


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