The two latest reports on global warming that is based on human causes (referred to as anthropogenic or AGW) has wreaked havoc on the climate change naysayers.

The articles entitled “PNAS Plus: Perception of Climate Change” by J. Hansen, R. Ruedy and M. Sato (online publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) as well as Professor A. Muller’s article entitled “The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic” (published in the New York Times) both avidly support the concepts that human activities are increasing global warming and effecting climate change.

While the debate seems to be ongoing, it is important to note the qualifications of the above mentioned professionals. They are embedded in the study and science, with extensive degrees, professorships and experience. One might question what the expertise is of the naysayers? Anthony Watts, is a blogger, with claims of university attendance that cannot be verified. Marc Morano has an anti-global warming website and has a bachelor of arts in political science.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, are we really supposed to take bloggers and political science majors in any serious situation, when compared to those that have a life devoted to science and the study of climate change?


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