As the world’s climate change makes some rather drastic alterations, the devastating consequences hit and effect people, their communities and even the balance of nature. It is apparent that the energy rich nations of the world need to step up to the plate for the needed investments required to not only assist, but accept the responsibility of our global existence and changing the negative damage we have done.

The energy rich nations are in mid-stride of recognizing and sharing the costs of making world changes. They are the ones with the money and the technology that can shape the changes and many have been working toward these goals with experience and expertise already in place. Beyond just a morale responsibility, many realize that taking immediate action will benefit their own interests as well. The United Arab Emirates may be the seventh largest oil producers in the world, but their interest in renewable energy now gives them the ability to be listed with twelve percent of the world’s solar energy capacity. The U.S., on the other hand, is currently being predicted to move forward as the world’s largest oil producer, however, in 2011 America invested $51 billion in renewable energy sources. Even Saudi Arabia, renowned as a global producer of oil has obligated an investment of $109 billion in the development of a 41GW solar system capacity by 2032. Even in a downtrend of global economy, there was $268 billion invested worldwide in renewable energy; making it the fastest growing energy industry sector.

Investments in technologies that will reduce and turn back the climate change effects may have been slow to start, but the effects of these investments are already being seen. The price of solar panels worldwide has been reduced thereby attracting higher percentages of commercial and residential interests. Additionally, the total global renewable power (with the exception of hydropower) accounted for forty four percent of new generation capacity in 2011.


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3 Responses to “Taking the Lead on Climate Change: Energy Rich Nations have the Most Clout”

  1. 1
    NeverMind Says:

    The U.S. seems to be at the front of the line for pushing energies such as wind, solar and all of the other types. It took us long enough, but with the current political administration, we may actually be heading in the right direction. The question will be if we can get all of the other countries to join in and, it we can avoid the pitfalls of the big oil industry money to keep us on track.

  2. 2
    NoWayJose Says:

    I agree that we should be part of the bigger picture in leading a global effort for alternative energy. We can’t do it alone, everyone has to meet together and try to agree to help. By joining, they help themselves as well as the planet.

  3. 3
    MakeADifference Says:

    As always, the largest nations must take the lead if we are going to change the direction of our energy glut habits. Climate alterations are already happening on a global scale. Alternative energies like solar have been around for over thirty years, but are finally getting to the point of affordability. We need to stand up, with all of the other countries and make a stand.

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