Recently, there has been a great influx of many different alternative fuels for automobiles on the market. In addition to ethanol, which has been utilized in automobiles for quite some time, General Motors has also come out with systems that run off of natural gas in a variety of configurations. Ford also has a wide array of alternative fuel engines as well. They have a history of tinkering around with different alternative fuels for automobiles since their inception when Henry Ford once designed a tractor that ran off alcohol and Ford produced their own brand of alternative fuel known as "Benzol". Ford has also designed natural gas vehicles that are used in many different U.S. airports and many branches of the Postal Service run off specially designed Ford Rangers that run off electricity. Ford has also been an innovator in hybrid technology. Both of the major American players, GM and Ford, are always looking forward to other alternate fuels cars. Many other breakthroughs are probably just lying around the bend.

Ford has come out with many different alternate fuels cars, most notably their flex-fuel cars. They are capable of either running off of the standard gasoline or ethanol. These alternative fuel engines are capable of running off of ethanol, which is basically a corn alcohol. There are many major benefits for using alternative fuels for automobiles. One major reason is that natural gas engines and engines that run off of alcohol are much cheaper to run than the traditional gasoline engine. Instead of being agitated at having to spend three and a half dollars per gallon at the pump, you could save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. Another environmentally friendly reason that alternate fuels cars have is that they emit much less pollutants than gasoline engines do. Alternative fuel engines also have a benefit of being a little more reliable and they typically have a service life that is two to three years longer than traditional automobiles. As you can see, using alternative fuels for automobiles is a win-win situation, in that it saves you money on fuel and maintenance costs, in addition to saving money from the vehicle running longer, and it also helps the environment through lowered emissions. Of course, if your vehicle didn't come equipped as such, you will have to spend a couple grand to upgrade it, but you will definitely end up saving money in the long term.

It may seem not worth it to use vehicles equipped with alternative fuel engines, as it may cost you an additional couple grand, but if you have a business, it will end up being a small investment. Your fleet of vehicles will experience less mechanical issues, they will run off of less expensive fuel, and you will stretch out the capital that was put into the vehicles because they will typically last a few years longer. Another less obvious advantage of using alternative fuels for automobiles is that your company could possibly be labeled as a responsible, "green" company. This can help to boost sales for your company by increasing word of mouth sales.

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