The BYD electric car has seen a lot of press in the last year, and this company has been invested in by Warren Buffet among others. The electric car conversion that is taking place around the world is increasing the demand for electric vehicles and alternative fuels which are better than fossil fuels. Eventually oil, gas, and other fossil fuels will run out. Many people have looked into a diy electric car for many reasons. Fuel prices keep rising and global warming is getting worse, and many individuals may choose a BYD electric car as an environmentally and financially friendly option. This does not mean that this vehicle does not have drawbacks or problems though, and some question whether these vehicles are really ready for the market.

Byd Electric Car
Experts who have driven the BYD electric car and other electric car conversion vehicles have voiced some concerns over the plans of the China automaker to release the car as planned. The e6 is the vehicle that will be released in America, and some of those experts who had a chance to take a test drive were not really impressed. The technology involved is still expensive, and the car will have a cost of around forty thousand dollars. Some say that a diy electric car may be a better option, because of the poor handling and rough running of the e6. If these issues are addressed in the BYD electric car it may become a dream car, but if not experts predict that it may become an overpriced nightmare because of problems that still need to be addressed.

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