Flex fuels meet the alternative fuels definition, and these include the automotive alternative fuels E85 and E95. These are fuels which are blended, and these blends contain either eighty five percent or ninety five percent ethanol, and then five to fifteen percent traditional gasoline. Because these flex fuels contain mostly biomass fuels they burn much cleaner, and are less affected by global events that may cause gasoline and oil prices to jump up. Using these fuel types can help you go farther for less money, and you do not pollute a fraction of what traditional vehicles do. Flex fuel vehicles can run on either E85 or E95 blends, as well as other types of fuel. They are flexible in this respect, and that is necessary because there are some areas in the country where it is not possible to get ethanol blends, sometimes also called gasohol.

Flex Fuels
Flex fuels can help you make your fuel dollars really count. Every time you use one of these options instead of traditional gasoline or diesel you are getting more for your money, because you are contributing to a cleaner world and ending dependence on foreign fuel supplies. The alternative fuels definition involves environmentally friendly options, and ethanol is one of these. Automotive alternative fuels are the key to moving automobiles away from the traditional resources and fossil energy sources, and towards the clean burning fuels of the future. You will be able to make your fuel dollars go farther and make a bigger difference in the world at the same time.

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