The effects of global warming on the Earth are numerous and though they all may not be undesired, the overall effect is not good. Weather and precipitation patterns will change, storms and other events may become much worse, and areas with plenty of precipitation now may end up as deserts. There are ways to prevent global warming from becoming worse, and real energy conservation is the most effective way. This means minimizing your use of energy derived from fossil fuels and other energy types that release greenhouse gases. Instead, use more Earth-friendly alternative energy sources such as biomass energy and others.

Impact of Global Warming
Even a few degrees of variation on the earth can have catastrophic results. Whether you believe in global warming or not, there are definite changes that are happening and these can change everything about our lives and even our existence on the planet.

Global warming has a big impact on the Earth, having both negative and positive effects. Global warming occurs because of an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. The burning of fossil fuels only adds to these emissions. Temperatures around the globe are slowly warming, and this affects every continent and area on Earth. This is also known as the greenhouse effect. This has become a problem because too much solar radiation is getting trapped in the Earth's atmosphere, which has caused the Earth to become warmer. Greenhouse gases are responsible for retaining this energy. The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more solar radiation becomes trapped and the warmer the planet gets.

Climate conditions have changed significantly since the Earth was created. The average temperature of the Earth has fluctuated over this time and so has the mix of gases in the atmosphere. Now it seems that recent human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels reserves, has caused the Earth to heat up even more. Scientists cannot say for sure what the effects of global warming on the Earth will be until they happen, but predictions include faster melting of glaciers and the polar ice caps, an increase in sea levels as a result of the melting, a warmer global temperature, a loss of forest areas, shifts in the location of the animal and plant populations, decreased rainfall and other types of precipitation in some areas, and deserts appearing where lush plant life is now, among others. Tropical storms and hurricanes may become fiercer and the circulation and acidity balance of some oceans may change.

Global warming can have profound effects on the Earth and eliminating or at least minimizing greenhouse gases is needed to stop these effects. Once the process has started, it may take hundreds of years or more for the changes to stop, even with no new greenhouse gases being released. Using renewable alternative energy sources such as biomass energy, is a step in the right direction to help minimize the impact that global warming has on the Earth. Forests and plant life can also play an important role in the future of energy because while living they help to replace carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, with oxygen, and they are also the source behind much of the biomass energy created.

Biomass fuel comes from plant and other cellulose material, usually, but this fuel can also be created from municipal waste and other sources. Biomass energy is renewable, it is environmentally friendly, and unlike many other forms of renewable alternative energy, it can be implemented on a wide scale with minimum costs and potential problems. We all need to do our part to prevent global warming and protect the Earth. Using biomass energy and other forms of renewable alternative energy can help us accomplish this.

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