Hybrid cars are here to stay and the automotive manufacturers know this. Go to any car showroom and you will see the latest and greatest on display.  It seems that every six months there is another new hybrid car with even more options and savings. This also means that the contest for the best hybrid car is always a work-in-progress, with a potential new winner each time a new car is released.  Gauging the topic of a hybrid car winner is completely based on what you as a consumer are actually looking for and need. A hybrid SUV might be the winner for the family down the street but you might be seeking a smaller, less rigorous vehicle. 

Hybrid Cars Comparison
Part of your homework in deciding on a hybrid car is to ask yourself questions and compare the answers with what the current manufacturers are offering. Are you looking for a small, mid-sized or SUV sized vehicle for your needs? Will you need to have the ability for towing? What is the approximate mileage per year that you want or need from your vehicle? Do you want to take advantage of the biodiesel hybrids that allow you to use biodiesel or standard diesel fuel? Are you looking for an electric car that also offers the options of using standard fuel? What is the price range you need to stay in?  What are the lifetime maintenance costs of the vehicle (including possible battery replacement costs)? What is the safety record of the vehicle? If no safety record is available, how sturdy is the vehicle? What are the possible tax incentives you might get for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle? Does your state allow you to drive the hybrid car alone in a carpool lane? What additional technology bells and whistles do you want on the hybrid vehicle?
Hybrid vehicles started out as a slimmed down version of the cars that we drive today. Very few extras were included, due to the fact that all of the investment was in the engine. The automotive manufacturers are scurrying to create newer hybrid vehicles that have many of the technologies that we have on current non-hybrid models. While you may expect motorized seats and windows, you will need to take a hard look at whether you want to give up that GPS or internet access.
The question usually arises on the topic of hydrogen fuel vehicles. These will actually be the best options offering the least pollution.  Touted as the ‘greenest’ of vehicles, they are not anticipated for at least another ten years. By that time, you will probably have had two hybrid cars and will be looking forward to trading up to a hydrogen fuel.
Only you can decide on what car will be a winner for you. Each person is different and the winning car in your garage is based on what you and your family will need.

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