What is Seismic Exploration?

Nov 07

Seismic exploration is a geophysics method that uses seismology principles to determine the earth's properties, and more specifically, the subsurface of the earth. This methodology uses seismic waves reflected from the earth's subsurface to determine specifics like carbon emissions and has become a widely used technique in the study of hydrocarbons.

Seismic Exploration
Seismic exploration is also a means of searching for deposits of natural gas, crude oil and minerals that prove to be economically and commercially beneficial. Artificial seismic exploration is becoming increasingly popular, but in areas that are environmentally sensitive, like some arctic regions, this method of study is regulated strictly by government officials. Although trials measuring carbon emissions are needed, state and federal governments must regulate seismic exploration due to the sensitivity of the area's environment. With too much investigation and disturbance in determining biomass energy as well as other experiments, the environment can be harmed.

Some of the first known studies in seismology and biomass energy were performed by John C. Karcher and his team in the summer of 1921. The survey mapped out a limestone bed in an area of Oklahoma known as Belle Isle. Since that time, more sophisticated means of exploration have developed and geophysicists are still improving their means of study and accuracy rates. As the search for hydrocarbons continues, we will most likely see a continuation in this type of study due to its proven success rates over the course of nearly 100 years. Today, seismic exploration has become the most widely used geophysical technique in the discovery of carbon emissions.

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