What is Tidal Wave Energy?

Oct 31

Tidal wave energy has been around for decades if not centuries. It is an alternative energy source that is clean in its generating green electricity. Tidal energy is so clean in its generating process that no pollution is produced whatsoever. With no pollution there are no greenhouse gases released, and as a result, little to no contribution to global warming. This is great benefit. So how does tidal wave energy work and how is power generated? Tidal turbines are used to generate power through the placement of underwater tidal generators situated in a tidal stream. The water's flow then moves the turbine and the generator creates energy. As you can imagine, tidal power has a great potential to produce energy and unlimited power. Tidal wave energy produces both advantages and disadvantages. Although clean and pure in generating green electricity, tidal energy project costs are high and locations are limited. Due to these constraints, it is not likely that tidal wave energy will fuel the world with electricity and power, but there is hope as our country and world move away from fossil fuel and the use of oil and into the examination of alternative energy sources. Investors are starting to pay attention to this type of energy and the companies that produce it. They are expecting good returns on this alternative source of energy in the very near future. Although no investment is guaranteed, alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular as the sources are being carefully considered and brought into mainstream use.

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    Jasmine Marie Says:

    I am looking for the cons in Tidal Wave Power for a project in school. Can someone please help me????

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