The question of what happens inside a power plant does not have a single answer, because the specific answer will depend on the specific type of power plant being examined. There are nuclear reactor and coal burning facilities, and then there are power plants which are generating green electricity and using solar panels for electricity generation. What happens inside a power plant? With solar powered electricity special solar panels are used to capture the energy of the sun, and the panels convert this energy into electricity, which is then stored. Generating green electricity can be done in a number of ways, and this can include hydroelectric power where water is used to generate electricity from the force of the movement. In these situations the force of the water turns the turbines, which in turn generate electricity. If the plant in question is using solar panels for electricity generation or they are generating green electricity of another type, there will not be any pollution or environmental damage. If you have ever wondered what happens inside a power plant, the most basic answer is that energy is converted from one form to another. Whether this conversion involves coal, nuclear fusion, natural gas, solar energy, water power, or another source, the same results are seen, although the benefits and environmental harm will vary depending on the original source of the energy. Generating green electricity will help preserve the earth and the environment, and renewable energy sources are used which will not be depleted eventually.

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