• There is no one single answer concerning the most effective alternative energy source, and each person may have a different view

  • Algae and municipal waste to energy both show enormous potential as an effective alternative energy source

  • There are many renewable sources of energy which are environmentally friendly, but each has unique disadvantages as well as benefits

There are many different sources of power available, but what is the most effective alternative energy source which is renewable, and does not cause pollution or other environmental damage? The answer to this question will vary, depending on who is being asked. There are many disagreements and discussions concerning the effectiveness of each renewable source, and every type has unique advantages and disadvantages. Solar power offers many benefits, because there is an unlimited amount available. One disadvantage of this source is that the sun does not shine all the time, and in some areas of the world the strength of the sunlight may not be sufficient. This can be an effective alternative energy source, but it is not available all the time, and can cause periods of low supply when demand is high. Wind energy also has many benefits and is a clean and environmentally friendly source of power. These generators may be restricted in their location though, because they must be situated in areas where there is a constant high amount of wind. Supply is also a disadvantage, because the wind does not blow continuously even in high wind areas, so power is not available when needed at times.

Effective alternative energy sources can include hydroelectric power, but these generation plants can have a big impact on the surrounding areas. Large amounts of land must be flooded to create the reservoirs needed to generate electricity, and this can destroy natural habitats, and cause animals to move to another location. The environment is changed and damaged in locations where these plants are located, so they are not really an option for the future no matter how efficient they are. Biomass energy is a very efficient and effective alternative energy source, and this source has very few disadvantages. At first biofuels and biomass power was created using food sources, such as corn and soybeans, but technology has advanced to the point where food crops are not needed at all. Other sources like algae and fungi, as well as plants and household waste materials which have high oil contents, can be used instead. Geothermal energy can be very effective, but these facilities have limited possible locations, because certain criteria must be met to make the process work. Underground vents or gaps in the plates must be present so the heat far underground can be accessed.

Algae is the one renewable effective alternative energy source that shows the most promise for a number of reasons. Algae can grow very quickly, doubling the colony or more within a twenty four hour period. Some species have very high oil content, making them ideal as a source of biodiesel. Many experts would definitely say that this source of renewable energy may be the most effective. Others would rate waste to energy methods very highly, because this source is very efficient and effective at generating energy as well, while eliminating much of the garbage which pollutes the earth. Both of these effective alternative energy sources will probably play a very big part in meeting the demand for energy in the future, because they are friendly to the environment while being highly efficient at the same time. There are many alternative energy sources, but not all of them are efficient or can meet a constant demand. Finding the best ones which will be key to providing clean energy in the future is important, and right now it looks like algae is the most effective alternative energy source found. This could change in the future as technology advances though, and each renewable energy source becomes more effective and efficient.

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