The world of organics has been around for many years. It has taken a few generations of humans to finally wake up to the detrimental effects of pesticides, insecticides and mass planting that doesn't offer renewable soil and land. The benefits of organic food are many, but are there any disadvantages of organic food?

To begin with, we need to understand that organic food is not just the lack of use of chemicals, but is a full approach to blending renewable resources and a green footprint in the land and every aspect of the farming processes. Those writers and so called professionals that do not take this side into consideration are simply misinformed and need to do more research before they make their claims. The other main thing to note is that to be truly organic the label Certified Organic must be included.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Organic Food?
The current organic food market is still small when compared to the standard food market. It is, however, growing exponentially. The prices set for organic foods remain quite a bit higher and for those on a tight budget, the organic food product is simply not a consideration.

The typical organic crop yield is less per acre than non-organic foods. The disadvantages of organic food become apparent when dealing with the need to feed large portions of the populace. While world hunger might be a topic to be addressed at a beauty pageant, it's serious business. Combine the increased human population with the decreasing ability to feed them and add in a variety of devastating land and weather events. This is a recipe that may not allow the larger scope of organic food as an answer to address the problem.

There is less of a variety of organic food. This is also changing. Many of the nation's largest grocery store chains are adding organic foods as part of their overall approach to wellness. Natural specialists as well as nutritionists are being brought on board to offer larger varieties of fresh produce as well as prepackaged organic products.

Another one of the disadvantages of organic foods is that they have a short shelf life. We have become a nation of people filled with preservatives and used to products that last a long time. We have forgotten the concepts of our grandparents and great-grandparents that had their food fresh every day. Organic products offer a healthier alternative, but we have to make the choice of convenience vs. health.

The availability of organic foods in smaller communities used to be one of the major disadvantages. Even someone who avidly believed it was worth an extra ten minute drive to buy organic is faced with the price of gas it takes to get there. Due to the increased popularity and higher demand this should soon be removed as one of the disadvantages of organic food. From small corner stores to the largest big box chains, both fresh and prepackaged organic food is cropping up all over the shelves. Parents have healthier and safer alternative snacks for themselves and their children, with ease of accessibility.

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