When it comes to some of the coolest tech development ideas, nothing seems to beat the topic of environmental technologies. After many years of trying to bring focus to our dwindling resources and the constant pollution of our planet, inventors and entrepreneurs have stepped up to the plate with some of the best ideas.

environmental technologies
Creating oil from just about anything is now possible through a process called thermo-depolymerization. Using the same process concept as occurs in nature, but speeding it up by millions of years, you can take everything from tires to turkey guts and turn it into oil. What a great concept for the environmental technologies of today.

Using a desalination process to remove the salt from the ocean waters can create a fresh water paradise. While it has been in use in the Middle East and other areas of the world for quite some time, it is expensive and uses a lot of energy in the process.

The hydrogen fuel cell has been proclaimed as one of the best technologies, mainly because it is a pollution-free alternative. It combines hydrogen and oxygen, creates energy and the byproduct is water.

Solar cells and solar collectors are coming of age. Lowered prices combined with more efficient (and smaller) units are giving businesses and residents some incredible options.

Tidal and wave movement: Harnessing the movement of the waves and converting into energy is another technology that is showing a lot of promise. They are still working out some of the kinks, but taking a natural process and converting it into energy is a no-brainer.

Roof gardens: The world’s cities are beginning to look a lot different. Using the rooftops as gardens not only brings an additional food source, but the plants act as a natural source to clean the air as well as reduce air conditioning use.

Bioremediation is a process of allowing microbes and plants to do what they do best: use pollution and waste as their food, leaving a clean environment and no problematic waste.

Sources: http://www.livescience.com/11334-top-10-emerging-environmental-technologies.html

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5 Responses to “Top Environmental Technologies to Watch”

  1. 1
    PrintLady Says:

    So where are the hydrogen fuel stations? It’s the best technology around but I haven’t seen any in all of the traveling I have done over the last five years.

  2. 2
    LaptopCrazy Says:

    I want to know more about the bioremediation. This sounds like the kind of idea that actually might work. Plants are nature’s cleansing tools, and microbes have been used for a while. If they can come up with something that can clean up an ocean oil spill, they might have hit a gold mine.

  3. 3
    TeresaTech Says:

    I heard that they were going to install one of the tidal movement sensors in our area. We live near the ocean and the county has been researching it to help with renewable energy.

  4. 4
    BasketCase Says:

    Would love to put solar panels on our house. Looked into it about 20 years ago and the cost was ridiculous. Price has come down, but the panels are still too big. Have to take 5 trees down to install them so that they will work.

  5. 5
    BeenAwhile Says:

    I am all for the roof gardens. Been hearing about them a lot lately. Places all over the world are converting their rooftops to green areas that even feed the community.

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