On a global scale, Asia is making some of the most incredible impacts for change and growth than just about any other area. The type of growth they choose will depend on the selections of energy choices and the scale is tipping to them for higher and higher energy demands. World organizations are stepping in to bring data analysis and recommendations to assist in this fast paced energy highway.

There are varying layers of global energy use when it comes to Asia. Production may be on the increase in the West, but the demand itself is increasing in the East. Asia’s requirements are raising specific possible problems in terms of pricing and distribution. Each country has been working both independently and in tandem to achieve, maintain and balance their growth potential with their global energy needs, and they cover the gamut of energy source types.

Asia is rich in gas, but also in renewable energy sources and many countries are combining the use of both to develop extensive programs. The ultimate goal is to reduce the reliance of energy requirements for purchase from other countries, and increase their own internal systems, with the ultimate outcome of lowered carbon emissions. That can be a tall requirement for some of the smaller countries, but to keep their growth in check, they need to focus on global energy, and not just local energy needs. China has been set as an example, with around forty percent of their energy coming from renewable sources. Other countries are following their lead which is resulting in new energy technologies, improved global energy as a whole and reduced costs. Creating infrastructures that will be sustainable over the long haul is the key to ensuring the progress as well as abiding by ecological guidelines for improved carbon footprint overall.

Source: http://www.iea.org/newsroomandevents/news/2012/december/name,33787,en.htmlglobal-energy,-asia

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