With such issues like global warming, air pollution, and other environmental problems that have resulted somewhat from using fossil fuels to create energy, the future must include the use of clean burning fuels instead of fossil fuels. Biomass energy can be implemented on a very large scale with almost no modifications and this is a much cleaner burning fuel source comparing to fossil fuels. Investing in renewable alternative sources of energy now means that in 10 or 20 years, dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels will no longer be a problem. There is also wind farms that create so much energy that excess is sold to power companies and there are homes that use solar energy in combination with other traditional energy sources. Cars have been created that can run on gasoline blends that burn up to 85 percent ethanol mixed with 15 percent gasoline. Vehicles that burn this fuel blend are called flexible fuel vehicles and are very friendly to the environment and a tight budget. Surely, energy in the future will see a lot more biomass energy production, biofuels being used exclusively, and alternative energy sources becoming common and standard.

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    Jack Says:

    I loved the title of this article because if you look around, you can see renewable energy sources all over. This is not a new concept. People used to use window power and water power all the time. It’s only been since the advent of eletricity that the other sources of renewable energy have fallen to the wayside.

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