The only way to avert the oil crisis is by investing in energy from alternate sources and slowly reducing our dependence on oil. At some point in the future it is not going to be possible to recover the last amounts of oil without having to spend more than the oil is worth. If we do not have alternate sources of renewable energy in place by that time, the world may see a severe energy crisis. It may take years to switch from fossil fuels to other energy sources, other sources that are friendly to the planet and can be sustained in the long run. If we do not start now we may run out of oil before we can get these energy sources in use on a large scale. This could trigger a massive energy crisis. Oil prices could increase outrageously and even then it may be scarce because of hoarding. Many people will have to cut back or stop using energy completely. There is also the possibility of rationing. There is no need for any of this to happen because there are many energy sources that can be used in place of oil and other fossil fuels right now. It is important that these sources are developed and perfected to eliminate any chance of a future world-wide energy crisis.

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    beverly Says:

    With the recent oil crisis past but still looking over us, we really do need to look into more alternative energy sources. We never know what could happen from one day to the next and we need to be prepared.

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