Japan’s Retro Energy

Nov 25

In 2010, Japan was on its way to reducing it greenhouse gas output by 25 percent (from the levels established in the 1990s). This was a lofty and noble goal to be achieved by nuclear power alone. Then, in 2011, a nearly unprecedented tsunami devastated Japan’s coastline causing the infamous nuclear meltdown at the Fukishima power plant.
Since then, “nuclear” has been deemed a bad word in and around the nation’s energy industry. And, in in spite of all the controversy and debate over the stability of nuclear power, this is bad news for the greenhouse gas reduction schedule. Japan has been forced to scrap its eco-friendly goals and revert back to older and less green forms of energy production including coal and natural gas amongst others.

According to what Chief Cabinet Secretary YoshihideSuga told the BBC, the Japanese government has been saying that “the 25 percent reduction target was totally unfounded and wasn't feasible," ever since.
According to Staff Writer Tia Ghose of LiveScience.com, “Instead of reducing greenhouse gases by 25 percent from their 1990 levels, Japan's goals will aim for a 3 percent rise over those levels, which is a 3.8 percent reduction from 2005 levels.”

Furthermore, all Japanese nuclear power plants are presently idle for scheduled maintenance checks, and the country’s new estimates rely on zero nuclear power in the future. In other words, one of the most modern nations on the planet just stepped 20 years into the past.

Source: http://www.livescience.com/41236-japan-lowers-greenhouse-gas-goals.html

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