The main five general industrial uses of geothermal energy. This form of energy is available in limited areas, but can be an incredible source to change the face of business and energy consumption.

  • Geothermal renewable energy has many uses, including heat and electricity generation

  • Geothermal power generation is a clean, eco friendly, and safe alternative to fossil fuel use

  • There are a number of spots in the USA where a geothermal power station can be ideally located


Uses of Geothermal Energy
1. Aquaculture, Horticulture, And Thermoculture

Geothermal renewable energy can be used for aquaculture, horticulture, and thermoculture. This renewable energy can be used to raise plants and marine life that needs warm waters and a tropical environment. Greenhouses can use geothermal power generation to keep plants warm and moist, with the steam and heat being provided by geothermal energy. Geothermal renewable energy is used to heat the worlds only geothermally warmed prawn farm, and in the year two thousand and five this prawn farm sold twenty tons of prawns raised on the farm. Using geothermal power generation can also provide electricity to these projects as well as heat and steam.

2. Industrial And Agricultural Uses

Geothermal power generation can play a big part in industrial and agricultural operations around the world. Geothermal renewable energy can play many roles in these sectors. Timber can be dried using heat from geothermal energy, and paper mills like one that is located on a geothermal field in New Zealand can use this energy in almost every stage of paper processing. There are thousands of industrial and agricultural uses that geothermal energy may be perfect for, and the cost of this energy is very low once the geothermal power generation facility is in place and operating.

3. Food Processing

The food processing industry is one that can benefit greatly from geothermal renewable energy. One way that this energy source can be invaluable is as steam for sterilizing food processing facilities. The earth naturally contains high levels of heat and steam, and releasing this steam can sterilize equipment and rooms without using drugs or chemicals. This will prevent any microorganisms from becoming resistant to these substances and developing more harmful strains. Geothermal energy can also help dry out plants, making powders and concentrates that are used in food processing, and at times these substances can be used to add flavors or preserve foods without any unnatural additives. Foods can be cooked, steamed, or prepared in other ways using geothermal energy as well.

4. Providing Heat For Residential And Commercial Use

Geothermal renewable energy can be used to provide heat for all types of buildings, from homes to businesses to farms, barns, and other types of buildings. Using this energy does not just provide heat, it is a complete temperature control system which can help cool your home as well. With a geothermal heating and cooling system you will see much lower energy bills, because a furnace or air conditioner is not needed. These appliances can use a substantial amount of electricity, running up utility bills and wasting energy. Geothermal temperature control units can add heat or pull it out of your home or other type of building, keeping it comfortable all year long.

5. Electricity Generation

A geothermal power station can provide a large amount of electricity, with many benefits that using fossil fuels for electricity generation do not offer. Geothermal power generation is very clean, because it uses the heat and steam trapped in the earth to produce electricity. There are no harmful gas emissions or high carbon levels, and these power generation plants do not contribute to air pollution. This energy source is renewable, and does not depend on fossil fuels or foreign countries to supply energy the country needs. Geothermal energy can add stability to both the cost and the availability of electricity and heat for the entire world. Fossil fuels will run out in the near future, and an alternative renewable energy plan needs to be in place to ensure that an energy crisis does not occur. Geothermal energy can help meet these needs.

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