Geothermal energy companies are America's future when it comes to energy sources. There are many advantages of geothermal energy. For one, geothermal renewable energy is good for the environment, as it is a good reliable energy source that is low-impact, and it is a cost effective source of energy. Geothermal energy companies are tapping into a quality, continuous source of energy that I believe will compose a lot of America's energy future. But first, what is geothermal energy? Geothermal energy is power that is extracted from heat from the earth. It is a renewable energy source that until recently was only able to be used from areas near tectonic plates, where high temperature energy sources are available relatively close to the surface. Recently however, geothermal energy companies have been able to utilize the Earth's heat away from tectonic plates. For example, there are several facilities in Europe that utilize geothermal renewable energy, such as one in Landau-Pfalz, Germany and Soultz-sous-Forets, France. A similar so-called demonstration project was shut down in Basel, Switzerland because it triggered a series of earthquakes, but it is not common for that to occur.

The advantages of geothermal are becoming easier and easier to utilize, as the technology continues to improve. One beneficial aspect of geothermal renewable energy is that it has much less of an impact on the environment, especially when compared to your traditional coal-burning power plant. Besides emitting much less emissions, geothermal energy companies also use very little land and water resources in their production of renewable energy. Other advantages of geothermal energy are that once a geothermal source of power has been discovered it is not too expensive once capital has been put into the source to utilize, though the capital expenses can be a little steep. Despite relatively high start up expenses, the benefits of geothermal energy definitely outweigh the negative aspects, whether you base your opinion on the environmental impact, or if you are considering the economic facet of geothermal energy.

Once all of the traditional sources of energy have been exhausted- i.e. petroleum and other fossil fuels, the only remaining source of energy will be from the Earth, whether it is a geothermal source of energy, or if the energy is derived from a hydro-electric source. The obvious benefit of renewable energy is that it is renewable. As long as the earth lasts, heat will continue to emanate from it that can be utilized. Geothermal renewable energy may be expensive to implement, but the long term benefits are worth it. Society as a whole should decide to get on board with this technology before the fossil fuels have been totally exploited and the environment has been totally destroyed. Another benefit of using geothermal renewable energy is that it can help reduce our dependence on a foreign fuel source. Instead of having billions of dollars each year going to mainly Middle Eastern countries in what has been called the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, Americans can end their dependence on foreign leaders political whims.

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