A corn furnace, also called a corn burning furnace, can be a terrific alternative to central heating when it comes to keeping your home warm during the colder months. One option is an outdoor corn furnace, but these appliances can also be installed inside your home as well, depending on the size you want and the amount of heat you will need. There are large corn furnace models which can heat more than one building, and can be used to heat large structures as well. An outdoor corn furnace is more popular, for a number of reasons. These appliances can be set up with a large hopper and loader, so you do not have to fill the corn burning furnace as often. Many times larger versions may hold up to a week of fuel at a time, depending on the outside temperature and your comfort level. An outdoor corn furnace will also prevent any mess or cleanup from the corn being loaded into the hopper. A corn burning furnace is very efficient, and can be a good and clean alternative to central heating using traditional appliances and fossil fuels. Whether you want a small corn furnace installed in your home as a supplement to an existing appliance, regardless of the type, or you want an outdoor corn furnace to heat your home, barn, and other structures, it is possible to find one. Some models can burn more than one type of biomass, so you may be able to switch from corn to wood pellets to other grains and biomass feedstocks, depending on the price levels of these resources.

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