• Owning an eco car is becoming more common, and more than half the families in the USA will have one within five years

  • An eco car is very environmentally friendly, and does not rely on fuels which are not renewable

  • Traditional vehicles, which rely on gas and diesel fuels, have higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions and particle pollution than eco cars

An eco car is a sign of the new commitment to a greener future and cleaner planet, and it is predicted that by the year 2014 at least sixty percent of the garages in the United States will have one of these cars sitting in them. These vehicles are usually hybrids, but they can also be completely electric or use another clean alternative technology like hydrogen. They will reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, if these factors are not completely eliminated. Almost every automaker in the world is working on at least one model which is environmentally friendly, and does not use fossil fuels as the primary source of power, and many already have models for sale which meet this criteria. The Obama administration has also made a commitment to vehicles which are much better for the environment and which help reduce the dependence for foreign oil and other fossil fuels. Tax credits are available for anyone who buys a eco car, and there are other programs as well to reduce the impact Americans have on global warming and the environment while driving. There is another program through the federal government that offers an incentive to any American who trades in a vehicle for a model which is more fuel efficient and less environmentally harmful.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource, and at some time in the future these reserves will be gone, completely used up. It is already becoming harder and more expensive to locate fossil fuels, and to remove them so they can be processed. This will lead to an energy crisis that only worsens if steps are not taken to rectify this problem. Using an eco car instead of an older vehicle that uses fossil fuels only will lessen the demand for these fuels, and reduce their use. This means cleaner air, less pollution and particles in the environment to cause medical problems like asthma and allergies, and fewer greenhouse gases released to harm the ozone layer above the earth and speed up the effects of global warming. If every vehicle on earth was replaced by an eco car the results would be astounding, and within a few years the difference in the environment would be quite noticeable. Some areas, like New York City and many areas of California and other states, experience a smog from vehicle emissions that is actually classified as a health hazard, and residents are warned to keep their windows closed when this smog is present. This is caused because these vehicles are using fossil fuels.

More people around the world, and especially in America, are becoming aware of the effects that mankind has had on the earth and environment, and they are taking steps to lessen the damage they do. One of the best ways to do this is by having an eco car in the garage. There are stricter standards being put in place on the amount of pollution that is allowed, and this is true for vehicles as well as companies and power plants. In California and some other states where air pollution is a big concern vehicles must be inspected and meet very strict emissions standards, or it can not be operated at all in the state. These areas have already seen big increases in sales already when it comes to hybrids and other eco cars which have less of an impact on the environment, and which lessen the demand for foreign oil at the same time. As time goes on the demand for alternative vehicles that are eco-friendly will only increase, and eventually these cars will replace traditional vehicles all the way and become the only choices.

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12 Responses to “60% of American Families Will Have an Eco Car in Their Garage By 2014”

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    CJ Says:

    “60% of American families will have an ‘eco car’ in their garage by 2014”.

    But 80% of them won’t set out to buy one. If I find out that a car I purchased was an “eco” car, I’ll be compelled to go out of my way to make sure everyone knows that I did not buy that car because I think the world is in any sort of danger. I may have purchased it to save some money at the pump but that’s it.

    Eco is just a marketing scheme and people are buying it hook line and sinker. You pay the extra money and you don’t see any real savings for 10 years, and that’s if nothing breaks down. I don’t think there will be a marketable vehicle that doesn’t use gas in some way/shape/form in a long long time.

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    Nunzio Tasca Says:

    2014 ? …I would like to say “for italian families too !”

  12. 12
    RecycleBill Says:

    Maybe by 2020… But we can hope.

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