A company called Gills Onions is already using this vegetable as a power source. They have a system in place which can covert onion waste into biogas. It may be surprising to find out, but about one third of each onion is wasted. This can be used to make into juice, which is then burnt and used to run power their lighting and refrigerators. Not only are they using a clean energy source, but their savings on power bills amount to $700,000 annually! So, onions are definitely the vegetables of the future! Just cover you eyes.

Refuse Derived Fuel Process
Future power sources 3 - Refuse Derived Fuel Process.
Using solid waste from landfills, this process helps recover fuel. This is a green type of fuel that could produce electricity by running generators. The RDF process separates waste and takes incombustible materials away. Then its size is altered and it is utilized as feedstock for the method of retrieving energy. The process requires delicate boilers to be in place in order to transform solid waste into fuel. Sound like a great idea, but the only stick in the wheels is the cost – the technology is expensive and very complex, so reliable investment is needed. We saw it in the film “Back to the future,” and the future is coming soon!

Future power sources 4 - Algae.
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