• Any renewable energy policy needs to address the differences in the way renewable energy and fossil fuels are treated by the government

  • Renewable energy financing needs to become widely available to qualified individuals and companies

  • Green certificates can play a big part in any renewable energy policy

Renewable Energy Policy
The current renewable energy policy is not effective, and it has many flaws. There are many ideas on what the policy should include, to make it more effective and efficient. Renewable energy is a clean energy which minimizes the pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that are released. It is also renewable, which means that it will not run out. Renewable energy financing is not very abundant right now, but this may soon change. Some believe that green certificates are the answer, while others believe all fossil fuel use should be eliminated.

Idea #1: Level The Playing Field Between Renewable Energy Sources And Fossil Fuels

The first step towards switching to a renewable energy policy that works is to stop giving preferential treatment and subsidies from the government to fossil fuel companies, like the big oil companies. The federal government gives millions and billions of dollars each year to big oil companies, and this must stop. Even when gasoline and oil were at all time highs and the oil companies made record profits they still accepted money from the government. Start offering federal government help with renewable energy sources and take away these subsidies for harmful fossil fuel companies.

Idea #2: Make More Sources Of Renewable Energy Financing Available

Renewable energy financing in this tough economy may be difficult or even impossible to find, and this can lead to these projects that are not developed due to a lack of resources. The government should set up a program to oversee and offer this financing to qualified companies and individuals, to help increase the renewable energy that is available for use. Making the move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy is a good step in the right direction for the new renewable energy policy, and for an energy future we can all live with.

Idea #3: Use Green Certificates

Green certificates, also called renewable energy certificates, are certificates which are issued to show that the energy behind the certificate is from a renewable energy source. Even if a utility company does not have renewable power sources available, customers can still buy green certificates to help offset the energy used from these fossil fuel sources. There is no need to use an energy company which provides green energy to use green certificates, anyone can purchase them. These certificates encourage the production of renewable energy that is cleaner and better for the environment.

Idea #4: Create A Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is an important aspect of any renewable energy policy. As long as companies are allowed to pollute and release carbon emissions without paying a financial price it will always be cheaper to leave things as they are. A carbon tax will cause companies that release large amounts of carbon and pollution to pay a big penalty, and this will make it cheaper for these companies to switch to newer technology that minimizes carbon releases and pollution. This can go along with green certificates to ensure that a large percentage of the energy used in the country is from renewable sources.

Idea #5: Set A Specific Percentage Of Renewable Energy To Be Used

A renewable energy policy needs to have specific percentages set that specify what amount of energy used needs to come from renewable energy sources. This percentage should gradually increase each year until these are the only forms of energy used. By starting with a smaller percentage, like thirty five or forty percent, the costs are not overwhelming and renewable energy can be phased in. Add between one and five percent as the requirement for each successive year, to phase out fossil fuels and phase in renewable energy sources.

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