In today's growing global economy, the energy future is a primary concern and there are new methods and processes that need to be implemented. We have come to a period in our economy where using traditional energy sources may have a serious negative impact on our ecosystems. Where there was once a large ratio of natural resources in proportion to the population of the planet, there is now a growing concern that the demand will outstrip the supply. If the population of people and the rapidly growing economy, which includes industrial growth, continues at this rate, we may very well wear out the finite traditional energy sources within the near future. By trying to reduce the need for fossil fuels and oil dependency, we are forced to think outside the box and use what we can readily replace for our needs. By using sources that can be replaced or reproduced easily and rapidly, the concern regarding the cost of oil, dependency on foreign nations and stripping natural resources can be greatly diminished. Growing crops that are not used for food consumption but, instead, used for alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, is a renewable and less expensive method.

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    Anonymous Says:

    I think this website is just O.K

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    viggo Says:

    Renewable energy sources are indeed the way to go, and if anyone heard President Obama’s speech to the DOE the other day, you’d know he’s definitely behind finding ways to accomplish this. He not only sees the value of the energy, but also the jobs that getting these systems set up for in place. We need to get out of the 1960s when it comes to our power grids.

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