Kempton is one of the beautiful locations in Pennsylvania that makes you think of home. Just outside Allentown, PA, the community is known for their rolling hills and friendly atmosphere. It is of no surprise that they take incredible pride in the high level of ecological interests; Kempton Pennsylvania has taken this to the next level. It I here, in September, that you will see Kempton hosting the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Festival. It seems that Kempton is setting the bar pretty high and is now an example of excellence for other states to follow.

Sponsored by the MidAtlantic Renewable Energy Association, the Pennsylvania Renewable Energy Festival is drawing crowds from all walks of life. A three day festival, from September 17 through 19th, 2010, the festival will be a flurry of excitement. Every renewable energy topic imaginable will be addressed at the Kempton Community Center: building construction using natural renewable resources, agricultural endeavors using sustainable resources, forestry and general healthy living habits for all.

If you join everyone at the community center, you will see speakers, vendors presenting renewable energy products and solutions; workshops, and of course, live music using solar powered sound systems, fun and food! The theme of this year's festival is EMPOWERED. The theme is an example of the open attitude for new concepts and ideas to empower everyone towards the renewable energy concept. There are so many fascinating attractions that it is difficult to select the highlights. It is a small little big presentation with all efforts devoted to the topic of renewable energy.

Lehigh Carbon Community College offers an educational summer camp experience for students to explore renewable energy in every day life and everyone will be able to view the Photovoltaic system installation that was completed in May, 2010.

It seems that Pennsylvania has passed legislation to encourage renewable energy as an alternative for private citizens and businesses alike. Pennsylvania has stepped up to the plate with this concept with the understanding that it will help to create jobs, offer safe and healthier environments and, simply must be done.

The renewable energy festival is a first step to larger awareness of what each of us can contribute. Changing our society from a waste oriented and fossil fuel based lifestyle is a major undertaking. Most people do not have any idea where to start, even though they might want to invest in renewable energy. This festival is a platform to offer the every day person the education as well as the resources to begin making these major changes in our private and business lifestyles. Change is often very difficult, but the people of Kempton known how to throw a party and the topic is one that will remain embedded in the minds and souls of all who attend.

If you are serious about renewable energy, then Kempton in September is the path you should take. Hats off to everyone involved in the Renewable Energy Festival. You are the Gold Standard for everyone else to admire!

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