As with any technology there are the positives and negatives. There are definite pros and cons of solar energy but those who are looking for affordable solar energy there are several places to get affordable solar energy for your home or business. Individual and residential systems can be purchased from solar energy systems manufacturers or they can be built with the right parts.

Affordable Solar Energy
Affordable solar energy was once not a reality for people as the start up costs were far too great for most consumers. They are still somewhat expensive but a home solar thermal energy plant can pay itself off through reduced energy costs over a few years time.

Not only is solar energy becoming more price competitive it is also a clean energy that emits no greenhouse gases or uses any non-renewable energy source such as petroleum and is always available as long as there is daylight.

Some states such as California are building massive solar grids to power entire communities. Public utility districts in the state are being required to draw a portion of their power from solar grinds by the year 2010. A massive solar thermal energy plant that will be the biggest in the world is currently being planned for San Luis Obispo.

So for all the pros and cons of solar energy that exist it has great potential to provide millions with clean energy. As technology increases and prices fall expect to see it in a neighborhood near you sooner than later.

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