California is always at the cutting edge (and often bleeding edge) for everything technology, health and environment. For those of us that have lived there, we know that it is closer to a philosophy of being and part of a lifestyle.  California recognized the requirements of an earth-friendly attitude long before most states.  In 1989, The Geothermal Education Office was established with a goal of being a main resource for both business and the general public in the use of geothermal as an alternative energy source.
The Geothermal Education Office is a nonprofit organization incorporated in California in Tiburon, California.  The office promotes public awareness and understanding of the benefits of geothermal resources as well as the importance of generating green electricity. Through many key objectives, the Geothermal Education Office communicates, produces and distributes informational and educational materials on how to go green and save money.

Geothermal Education Office
Some of the Geothermal Education Office's primary objectives are to ensure that education programs at schools, libraries and businesses are informed about generating green electricity. Another objective is to distribute relevant information on how to go green and save money to educators, students and the public sector.
The office also helps to build relationships with the country's leading energy educators and energy suppliers as well as many of the well-known and leading environmental groups. The public is encouraged to participate and become involved in geothermal education through many of the office's programs.
The website for the Geothermal Education Office has slide shows, education materials, an ask-an-expert section, along with phone numbers and email address for direct contact.
The executive director of the Geothermal Education Office promotes public involvement and through the office's Web site, responds to questions and comments from around the world. The office does its best to keep the public informed and offer advice that proves effective in understanding its role and that of the public. With a better understanding of geothermal resources and their availability the environment is kept clean and sustainable energy is produced.
The California office has set a precedence for other organizations of the same type across the country and has been an immense resource in helping the country on its way to becoming a more green place to live.

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