Many of us have spent years researching and looking into changing our homes or businesses from standard electricity to solar electricity. While the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, there are some key points that you have to consider as the disadvantages of solar electricity.

The price and installation is still quite expensive. Granted, the cost of the solar cells has come down over the years, but you are going to have to do some serious math to offset the savings and standard electricity still remains a less costly alternative. The number of solar cells you will need will be dependant upon the size of the building. There are some government tax credits that can help, but do your homework because you have to comply with the IRS requirements to be able to take the tax credit.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Electricity?
Solar cells are designed to collect the energy during the daylight only. You will either lose the ability of energy collection at night, or have to invest in a method of storing the energy. This will increase the cost based on the number of cells or the need to invest in an energy storage method.

Bad weather or pollution can affect the ability to collect energy. This is another one of the major disadvantages of solar electricity. Most people do not live in the sun states and the aspect of losing or reducing the solar cell capability during poor weather or city pollution is an important consideration.

Roof angle and condition. You professional installer will have to inspect both the roof angle for the solar cell(s) and the condition of the roof itself. If the angle or direction isn't right, you will lose a good portion of the solar cell effectiveness. If the roof is older or in poor condition, the installer may not want to do the installation until you replace the roof.

Open access might mean removing trees. In order for the solar cells to work most efficiently, they need direct access to the sun's rays. You may love the trees around your home or business but might be shocked that you will be required to trim or even remove the trees entirely. This adds to the initial cost of the system.

A roof of solar cells. Appearance is always a priority when it comes to the visual look of our homes or businesses. If you have a larger square footage, you may be required to purchase multiple solar cells, turning your roof from an attractive accent to your home into a solar cell roof. Some take pride in showing that they are investing in alternative and renewable resources, but others may not like the appearance.

Solar cell technology has improved over years and there is hope that it will continue to improve to offer many of us reduction in solar cell size, cost and efficiency. Investing in solar electricity can pay for itself and add value to your home or business, but you must consider the price, location, amount of sun and appearance.

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