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There are many types of greenhouses, and these can include platic greenhouses and rion greenhouses. Each specific type has pros and cons, and plastic greenhouses are no exception. Plastic is lighter than glass when it comes to weight, so less material and support is needed. It is also usually cheaper than glass as well, but the actual price and cost savings will vary depending on the type of plastic used. Film is very cheap, but it does not last long and must be applied again every year or two because of damage. Plastic film also does not stand up to inclement weather very well, because it is not very resistant and tears easily. Corrugated plastic is a much stronger plastic resin or specialty blend, and these materials may last as long as glass, for decades, without any of the breakage risk that glass has. Platic greenhouses usually cost less than other types of greenhouses, whether you are purchasing rion greenhouses or building it yourself. The actual price will depend on the type of plastic used, as well as the size and other relevant factors. No matter which type of plastic you choose, it is important to understand everything possible about th plastic so you can get the most out of your plastic greenhouse. Determining the total cost should include maintenance, repair, and replacement parts for any greenhouse, and also any heating or watering systems and costs as well. Plastic greenhouses offer many benefits, but some types do have disadvantages as well when compared to glass. Most plastics do allow maximum sun exposure just as well as glass does.

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