If you took a look at this beautiful four bedroom bungalow in the Hertfordshire district, you might admire the design of the gabled structure on four acres, but you also would be surprised to find out that it complies with the strict regulations for the Code for Sustainable Homes and is part of a wave for sustainable technology in home building.

sustainable technology
Built by Lansberry, Ltd. they consulted with Mitsubishi Electric and made the decision to install a DC Lossnay mechanical heat recovery ventilation system. The system provides fresh air ventilation and extracts all of the stale air from inside, recovering up to ninety percent of the cooling and heating energy. The unique Mitsubishi design recovers energy from the outgoing air to both offer warming and cooling for the incoming fresh air. It minimizes energy costs and keeps the home airy at the same time. The home has a design of steel frame, the use of natural light with glazed skylights and there is use of vaulted ceilings that reach to the apex in the kitchen, bedrooms and living areas. They have a sophisticated array of CO2 sensors that boost fresh air automatically if the levels increase past a predetermined measurement. This eliminates stale air and offers a consistently fresh environment.

The addition of the Lossnay system is just one of the assets that Lansberry, Ltd has chosen to ensure that the home design has minimal impacts on the environment. This is part of the Lansberry philosophy in using low carbon sustainable technology. Each of their projects incorporates carbon reduction and sustainability as part of their plans. They also focus on the impact of the developments on nature and the landscape. Their attention to these details are not only a great selling feature but assists in a faster turn-around when getting the appropriate planning permissions in green belt areas. In essence, Lansberry, Ltd. is the future of home building that we hope to see around the world as they focus on sustainable technology.

Sources: http://www.ecofriendnews.com/environmental_article11872.html

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5 Responses to “Lossnay Introduces Sustainable Fresh Air Solutions for Homes”

  1. 1
    MyKindaGirl Says:

    Leave it to Mitsubishi to come up with such ingenuity. It’s companies like Lansberry that are blazing the trail for the rest of the world.

  2. 2
    NoTextMark Says:

    This is how everything starts. A moment of clarity, an idea that moves forward, a project that works, and other companies turn their heads. Just a matter of time before all building is done like this. Just hope it’s soon.

  3. 3
    CantDance Says:

    This is all great, but until the cost comes down, it’s not going to be available for the average home buyer. This is for the nouveau rich that can afford to pay the extra to protect the environment.

  4. 4
    BananaRama Says:

    When will the construction industry of America wise up and start focusing on building green and even thinking about the environment. In my town, the tear down all of the beautiful old trees (some hundreds of years old), clear the land, build the house and then plant stupid little ugly trees. No one thinks about the animals, the environment or anything but the profit.

  5. 5
    InnaSec Says:

    I would LOVE to have that house AND the acreage. I am all about animals, nature and protecting the environment. Just wish I could buy something like that.

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